CARE’s 2020 Program Strategy guides CARE’s decisions and investments and provides the orientation, identity and impact aspiration to join our efforts. All of our programs must be consistent with the roles and approaches of this strategy. CARE members’ decisions on resource investment and fundraising will be aligned with this strategy.

We will develop systems to monitor alignment with the strategy and its implementation, and thus ensure accountability. This will include agreements to review and report CARE’s performance against the strategy. We will ask the opinions of partners and participants for this analysis. CARE’s global structure and culture should support the implementation of this strategy at all levels.


Accountability for CARE Perú is a process that ensures the direct and sustained participation of the people with whom we work, as well as mutual feedback, by promoting more equitable power relations and strengthening the organization’s management. For this reason, we emphasize ensuring:

Information and transparency:

We provide information about our intervention to our beneficiaries and counterparts. This allows us to create relationships of respect, trust and transparency. We have considered accessibility as a decisive factor when providing information with the objective of ensuring accountability. Efforts focus on making information accessible to the most vulnerable groups because of their remote location, language differences, etc. To this end, we have been working on building proper channels and tools to provide important information to these groups. Some tools we use are written and oral documents, audios, information meetings, assemblies, etc. and other means used by the organization for beneficiaries to provide information they need to know.


CARE’s strategy is to involve the beneficiaries in the development process of their intervention; to do so, it seeks to get them involved in the decision-making process by defining mutual responsibilities from the beginning to the end of it. This process enables key actors to play an active role in the decision-making processes that affect them. The mechanisms used and that guarantee that everyone is represented are Project Management Committees, Community Meetings and Assemblies, Participatory Meetings, Consultations, etc.

Feedback mechanisms:

Likewise, our institution has open mechanisms and channels to manage complaints, claims and suggestions. Thus, we can better understand and ensure we are achieving the necessary changes through our interventions and efforts. Whether positive or negative, allowing us to know if something is wrong and take the necessary actions. Our hotline, email and complaint registries allow us to listen to beneficiaries and counterparts. Likewise, CARE is currently working on developing more accessible mechanisms for the groups that are most vulnerable due to their remoteness and lack of access to communication.