Despite women and girls’ major strides in the last two decades, gender inequality continues to significantly hinder human development. The disadvantages and discrimination they face are a great source of inequality in the private and public spheres, which become manifest in huge barriers to women’s full development. At CARE Perú, in line with our international policy, we put Gender Equality at the front and center of our efforts, in the awareness that we cannot defeat poverty and social injustice until all people enjoy the same rights and opportunities.

The current sanitary crisis has widened existing gaps in our systems and exposed the latter’s fragility. At CARE Perú, in the face of this crisis, nationwide and in coordination with our affiliates and strategic partners globally, we have redoubled our commitment to encourage meaningful, coordinated and consistent initiatives to find more ambitious solutions, ensuring a gender, resilience and governance focus. Our programmatic and humanitarian response framework puts equality at the forefront as an effective response strategy to overcome inequalities. Through our interventions we seek, throughout our programs’ entire cycles, 1) to enhance the autonomy and agency of girls and women, strengthening their soft, educational and productive skills; 2) address the differentiated impacts of gender roles and mandates, and 3) transform those structures to thus build a more egalitarian society that recognizes the power and importance of women’s voices and leadership.