After 49 years in Peru, CARE continues to seek building a more inclusive country where women and girls live with equal opportunities and in less poverty. Our role as a facilitator of social change processes through working in ever stronger alliances and relations with a range of actors, has allowed us to design a range of innovative models and solutions with the potential to be scaled, and that have been contributing to the design and implementation of public policies in favor of the most vulnerable populations.

In 2019, we redirected our programs in four strategic axes aligned with the objectives of sustainable development and the attention to prioritized impact populations, such as improving the economic incomes of associations of women producers; management and conservation of Amazonian indigenous communities’ territories;  the right to a quality education among girls and adolescents; the rights of the LGTBIQ+ community to health and a life free of violence; and the improvement of the living conditions of the Venezuelan. We have deployed a set of innovative pilot projects and models that, by resorting to new technologies, seek to generate sustainable impacts on the most vulnerable people.

Our goal is to achieve social justice through gender equality, improving access to resources and opportunities for girls and women. To do this, we will continue to facilitate articulation and dialogue with local and regional governments, ministries, social organizations, industry, academia, and international cooperation to create the agreements needed to promote social change and the search for sustainable solutions.

We thank all our partners, allies and donors for the trust they have placed in CARE in this last year, and we encourage them to always continue working together, joining forces until poverty is finnaly defeated.