Gender Focus

Despite women and girls’ major strides in the last two decades, gender inequality continues to significantly hinder human development. The disadvantages and discrimination they face are a great source of inequality in the private and public spheres, which become manifest in huge barriers to women’s full development. At CARE

Programmatic Direction

After 49 years in Peru, CARE continues to seek building a more inclusive country where women and girls live with equal opportunities and in less poverty. Our role as a facilitator of social change processes through working in ever stronger alliances and relations with a range of actors, has

Social inclusion and vulnerable populations

We promote access to quality health and education services for populations in vulnerable situations, especially the LGTBIQ+ community, women at risk and suffering from violence, and adolescents, with a gender equality focus, in order to strengthen their advocacy and speaking up capacities, in defense of their rights. Testimonial: “I

Disaster risk management and emergency response

We assist people in vulnerable situations affected by natural disasters and phenomena and migratory crises, so that they can access fundamental social services and recover their livelihoods. Similarly, we strive to generate mechanisms, investments and protocols for risk and emergency management, from a preventive and preparedness approach, that help

Development and economic inclusion of women, food security and nutrition

We seek to increase sustainable economic incomes of vulnerable women; access to financial resources, and capacity to voice their concerns and participate in decision-making. Likewise, we contribute to guarantee the food and nutritional security of girls and boys, facilitating and advocating public policies that contribute to the provision of

Climate change, Amazonia and water resources management

We improve the resilience of vulnerable and poor peoples through projects focusing on territorial and climate governance, management of water resources, and climate change adaptation and mitigation. Testimonial: “With the projects supported through joint management between SERNANP and ECA Amarakaeri, the sustainable production of chestnuts has become one of