Every year, only 6 out of 10 women get to finish school. This considerably reduces their possibilities for personal and professional growth as evidenced in figures like the average salary income of women, which is only 70% of what a man in the same position would receive. Added to this are other issues that prevent women from being able to reach their personal fulfillment in society.

The lack of opportunities widens the social gap between men and women, reinforcing a seemingly endless culture of inequality created by a self-reinforcing vicious circle that traps younger women in their existing situation. To change this, it is necessary to tackle the problem at one of its main roots: school dropout.

At CARE Perú, we have proposed to contribute through our Girls with Opportunities project, which seeks to help girls between 12 and 19 to graduate from school and complement their education with three essential components: economic empowerment, education in citizenship and socio-emotional skills, and comprehensive sexual education. This will help build their resilience, adaptability and empowerment so they can make the best life decisions in an effort that brings together the girls and their families and teachers.

This project that started in Huancavelica seeks, through medium-and-long-term donations, to help girls continue their school education. With 30 soles (ten USD approximately; September 2020 exchange rate) a can attend school for a whole month.


In 2019, we managed to exceed the amount collected by 18% compared to the previous year, in addition to launchin new fund-raising strategies to bring the message of CARE Perú to other potential persons interested in joining the initiative.

As of December 2019, we have more than 400 recurring donors and seven allied companies. Also this year, we started activities that allowed us to get closer to the general public through activations in companies, workshops and events.

How do we raise funds?

We offer a range of options to facilitate the donation by potential interested parties, and provide them information about the project and its social impacts so far.

Our alliances and activities with companies

Companies play an important role in the work of CARE Perú. Not only do they encourage their collaborators to participate in monthly voluntary donation activities via direct deduction from their salary (Employee Giving), but also through the Match Up initiative, many companies make corporate donations that equal the amount collected from their collaborators.

Also, several companies have opened the doors of their offices for us to carry out dynamic and playful activations that allow us to explain the objectives of the program and promote donations, in direct relation with donors.

Another way companies have supported us has been through gifts of commercial products, which we call Cobranding. Part of the proceeds from sales of these goods complement donations to the project.

Our activities

On Girl’s Day we held a major fund-raising event targeting families, as well as a series of workshops with different #MeApunto (“I’ll join too!”) themes for which participants made specific donations. Complementary donations were made by staff participating at corporate fund-raising events (KPM Golf Tournament).

Talent and time to support CARE Perú were also volunteered by artists whose artwork and illustrations were used in fund-raising drives. Volunteer groups contributed their time to create a fund-raising campaign through the sale of a book called Un Propósito para Leer (Reading for a Purpose).

Finally, the form published on our website helped us to collect signatures from many one-time and recurring donors, who are now members of CARE Perú ‘s Friends Network. Likewise, with the sale of solidarity products, we were able to obtain donations and, in turn, we help to promote care for the environment (solidarity bags).

At CARE Perú, we seek our project to continue growing, reach more cities, and positively impact the lives of more girls. For this we invite all people interested in participating to join with their donation by completing the form on our website. Each contribution allows more girls to have a better future and build a better society.