Girls with opportunities

Ica and Huancavelica   Empowerment of poor and indigent girls and young women (11-19 years old) from rural and marginal urban areas of Peru to complete their high school education at the right age, with greater gender equality and educational quality. Contact person: Donor: Strategic partners: Huaytara and

Education for development and financial inclusion

Arequipa, La Libertad, Lambayeque and Junín   Contribute to the improvement of financial, social security and entrepreneurial education capacities in high school students, through the strengthening, support and pedagogical advice to teachers. Contact person: Donor: Strategic partners: Regional Directorate of Education of Arequipa, Junín and Lambayeque Impact: 465

Alternative Basic Education Quality and Equity

Puno   Adolescents and adults in this region have better opportunities to learn through an innovative and diversified alternative basic education curriculum meeting their educational needs and the region’s social and cultural context, aligned with the national study curriculum. Contact: Donor: Impact:   1,350 men and women between

Quality and equity in intercultural education in Puno – Phase III

Puno   A contribution to Puno region’s education development through support for policies to foster preschool education efforts framed in the regional curriculum project and aligned with the national school curriculum. Contact person: Donor: Impact:   263 parents of children under 3. 13,550 indirect participants.      

Finance for our life – EDUCOFINANZAS

Lambayeque   Improving the educational quality of schools with an emphasis on the development of entrepreneurial and capacities Contact person: Donor: Strategic partners: Lambayeque school district office (UGEL) Impact:   1,517 school children built skills in financial and entrepreneurial education and pensions’ culture, and engage in business. 833

Youths and adults with opportunities for life

Huancavelica   Adolescents, young people and adults thoughout the region have better opportunities to learn betterthrough an innovative and diversified Alternative Basic Education curriculum that fits their educational demands and social and cultural context and is aligned with the National Curriculum. Contact person: Donor: Strategic partners: Huaytara school