Strengthening of indigenous communities and organizations in the Madre de Dios region for sustainable local development, defense and advocacy of their rights

Madre de Dios   The indigenous communities of the Amarakaeri Community Reserve design local development processes independently and sustainably. Indigenous organizations support and defend the rights and interests of the indigenous population of Madre de Dios before political and social agents and decision makers at the local, regional and

Glaciers +: Risk management and productive use of glacier water

Áncash, Cusco and Lima Build and strengthen capacities to adapt to climate change and reduce risks related to glaciers. Guarantee sustainability and take advantage of the opportunities offered by glacier retrenchment. Contact person: Donor: Strategic partners: Ministerio del Ambiente, Ana, Ministerio de Economía y Finanzas, CENEPRED, GORE Ancash, GORE

My solar water

Ucayali   Experimental project to evaluate the technical quality and social response to the “Solar Bag” that improves the quality of drinking water in rural communities of the Amazonia, where conventional water supplies are very difficult to deploy. Contact person: Donor: Strategic partners: GORE Ucayali, DIRESA, Asháninka indigenous communities

Pilot Project: Access to Water and Sanitation in Dispersed Rural Communities

Piura, Ancash and Ucayali   An initiative aimed at designing and deploying models for stand alone water and sanitation technological solutions in dispersed rural areas or small rural population centers (under 2000 people) of the coast, Andes and jungle of Peru. Contact person: Donor: Strategic partners: National Rural Sanitation