Disaster risk management and emergency response
Rímac District – Lima


Reduce disaster risk in the district of Rímac by improving the coordination of the actors involved and institutionalizing good practices in Disaster Risk Management, with a community and inclusive approach in an urban context.

  • Contact person: lharman@care.org.pe
  • Donor:

  • Strategic partners:

COOPI, Rímac District Municipality, Asociación Psico Inclusiva Kipu Llaxta, Rímac 21 Firefighters Company, SOS Emergencias Perú and first response institutions of the Rímac Citizen Protection Platform.

  • Impact:



people (306 women, 186 men) were trained in emergency preparedness and response through three strategies: setting up a district brigade, on-site training in vulnerable neighborhoods, and emergency drills/sims.


neighbors (22 women, 11 men) officially recognized as Rímac Citizen Protection Volunteer Brigade Members with, strengthened itraining n inclusive disaster risk management.




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