Women’s development and economic inclusion, food security and nutrition
Junín and Huancavelica


Promotion of family food and nutritional security (access, use and availability of food).

  • Contact person: ozelarayan@care.org.pe
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The Municipalities of El tambo and Huancayo in Junín, Paucara and Acobamba in Huancavelica, health post of the community of Acopalca – Huancayo, health post of Paccha in El Tambo and Huancayo, health post of Pumaranra – Paucará, health post of Curimaray – Acobamba, the JASS of the intervening communities and the regional operational units of Qali Warma of Huancayo and Huancavelica.

  • Impact:


The percentage of boys and girls under 5 years old with chronic malnutrition has decreased in the Huancavelica intervening area from 53% (initial evaluation 2017) to 26.9% (final evaluation 2019), while in the Junín area it fell from 12.3% (initial evaluation 2017) to 11.5% (final evaluation 2019).

Increase in economic income between 12.2 and 14.0% since the initial evaluation (2017) until the final evaluation (2019), orbetween 61% and 70% of the initially planned goal (20% variation of income).




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