Women’s development and economic inclusion, food security and nutrition
Lima, Piura and Ica


Abating chronic malnutrition and nutritional anemia, as well as improving food security for vulnerable hpuseh0lds, with a strong emphasis on small-scale women producers, with economic empowerment of women as a key pillar.

  • Contact person: jnishikawa@care.org.pe
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Regional and Local Governments in the field of intervention, Ministry of Agriculture – MINAGRI (SENASA, INIA, ANA), Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations (MIMP), Ministry of Health (MINSA), Ministry of the Environment (MINAM), Ministry of Production (PRODUCE), IDI (Initiative for Child Malnutrition), Fundación Capital, Metropolitan Lima Regional Government Program (PGRLM), Private companies linked to value chains (SF and SNF)

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women will be trained and empowered to manage family production systems and access markets through inclusive agrifood chains.


indirect participants throughout the execution period, through political advocacy efforts, alliances and campaigns to improve maternal and child nutrition, and local economic development.




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