Girls with opportunities

Ica and Huancavelica   Empowerment of poor and indigent girls and young women (11-19 years old) from rural and marginal urban areas of Peru to complete their high school education at the right age, with greater gender equality and educational quality. Contact person: Donor: Strategic partners: Huaytara and

She Feeds the World

Lima, Piura and Ica   Abating chronic malnutrition and nutritional anemia, as well as improving food security for vulnerable hpuseh0lds, with a strong emphasis on small-scale women producers, with economic empowerment of women as a key pillar. Contact person: Donor: Aliados estratégicos: Regional and Local Governments in the

Strengthening of indigenous communities and organizations in the Madre de Dios region for sustainable local development, defense and advocacy of their rights

Madre de Dios   The indigenous communities of the Amarakaeri Community Reserve design local development processes independently and sustainably. Indigenous organizations support and defend the rights and interests of the indigenous population of Madre de Dios before political and social agents and decision makers at the local, regional and

Glaciers +: Risk management and productive use of glacier water

Áncash, Cusco and Lima Build and strengthen capacities to adapt to climate change and reduce risks related to glaciers. Guarantee sustainability and take advantage of the opportunities offered by glacier retrenchment. Contact person: Donor: Strategic partners: Ministerio del Ambiente, Ana, Ministerio de Economía y Finanzas, CENEPRED, GORE Ancash, GORE

Education for development and financial inclusion

Arequipa, La Libertad, Lambayeque and Junín   Contribute to the improvement of financial, social security and entrepreneurial education capacities in high school students, through the strengthening, support and pedagogical advice to teachers. Contact person: Donor: Strategic partners: Regional Directorate of Education of Arequipa, Junín and Lambayeque Impact: 465

Reducing the vulnerability of Venezuelan migrants and refugees in Peru

Tumbes, Lima and Callao   Project aimed at reducing vulnerability, improving food security, and maintaining human dignity of Venezuelan migrants and refugees and host communities. Contact person: Donor: Strategic partners: Municipalities, health centers, soup kitchens and churches Impact:   10,806 Venezuelan migrants and refugees received humanitarian aid through

Juntos ante el Zika: Together against Zika

Cajamarca (Jaén), Lambayeque, Piura and Tumbes   Pilot project and scaling-up in 15 districts demonstrating reduction of Zika virus and other metaxenic diseases infections through community strategies and peer-to-peer training, aimed at disseminating knowledge about best control practices, with two related strategies. Contact person: Donor: Strategic partners: Ministry

Come on, Piuranos!

Piura   Helped vulnerable communities and institutions in areas exposed to hydrometeorological hazards to be more resilient to its adverse effects. Contact person: Donor: Strategic partners: CENEPRED, INDECI, PCM and private institutions including NGOs. COOPI and Radio Cutivalú are part of the consortium Impact: 1,856,809 people benefited. 6,497

CONÉCTATE: finances at your fingertips

Piura, Huancavelica and Junín   Improving financial capacities, skills and practices of people in rural and peri-urban areas by providing them with digital training through the LISTA Perú app and by promoting their access to the financial system. Contact person: Donor: Strategic partners: Fundación Capital, Financiera Confianza, Huancayo